Frequently Asked Questions

Adventure Motorcycle Tours

If you require any further information on our motorcycle tours please feel free to contact our team

Where Do Your Motorcycle Tours Begin?

All our published motorcycle tours start from Chiang Mai a short 1 hour flight from Bangkok, Thailand.

 Is It Fully Supported?

Plublished motorcycle tours include a Tour leader, support truck complete with snacks and drinks and to carry your luggage, tail rider, and tour mechanic.  There maybe rare instance when some or all of the support may not be included such as when tours have less than 4 riders but we will always discuss this with you.

What Riding Gear Should I bring?

Although we do have gear available we can't supply gear for whole groups that will fit correctly or smell nice.  You'll be far more comfortable wearing your own riding gear.

What's included?

Tours include everything except evening meals, beers, flights travel insurance etc.  Our Thailand to Laos tour does include evening meals.  We don't include evening meals on our Thailand only tours as it is very inexpensive with so many options to suit many tastes plus many customers want to head out of the hotel and eat street food etc.  Evening meal will set you back only $8 for a big feast.  

I'm coming alone, how can I get on a tour?

Many charge supplements if you're on your own but we don't - You can choose any tour - any date and providing you book in advance we should be able to confim your tour and guarantee it will take place even if we haven't made up our minimum group size.  Speak To Our Team as soon as possible 

Can I change one of your tours to suit me better?

Yes, we can tailor a tour to suit you and we don't charge a premium to tailor any tour. The prices will be the same pro rata depending on what you want included better still head over to our bespoke section and get some ideas   

Can novice riders join a motorcycle tour?

Sorry but not on our scheduled tours.  We do offer dual Terrain Tours that include riding tips and techniques but you must be able to ride a bike above 250cc with a clutch before you come.     

What are your group sizes?

If we book multiple individuals who have never met or ridden with before the group sizes are capped at 6-8 riders and we do our best to ensure all riders are of the same ability. If you book with a group who all know each other and ride together regularly we don't limit the group size (within reason).  

Are there group booking rates?

We offer some of the best group booking rates in the business. Take a look here.

Do I need a Visa for Thailand?

Most cnationalities recieve a free 30 day visa on arrival.  When you make a resrvation we will let you know if you need to arrange a visa before arriving in Thailand.  

What's The Accommodation Like?

Far better than some people expect.  We do ride in more remote locations where accommodation is limited but take a look here that offers more precise detailing.

What deposit must I pay?

You will not need to make any payments during the motorcycle tour reservation process.  We will only ask for a 20% deposit when we confirm your place on the tour. Balance and deposit payments are all made online or via bank transfer.

Can I upgrade the bike?

Yes, we have other options available if our standard bikes are not suitable for you.  We will be pleased to discuss options with you.

Can I bring my non riding partner or family?

 We offer exceptional rates for non riders riding in our support truck or pillion passengers if they are sharing with the rider.

Can I upgrade the bike?

Yes, we have other options available if our standard bikes are not suitable for you.  We will be pleased to discuss options with you.

Can I extend the tour after I arrive?

 If we have availability yes it is possible to extend your motorcycle tour 

What duration do we ride each day?

We aim to leave leave around 8:30 each day and arrive at the accommodation around 4pm.  We have regular stops throughout each day and the distance will vary daily. Each day is carefully balanced to allow you rest periods, half days and even full days off on some bigger tours to enjoy the location we are in.  Total distance is a minimum of 200 kilometers per day and a maximum of 350km on certain tours

What if I am too slow?

It's not a race!  If you find yourself lagging behind we would preffer this than you pushing yourself to keep up.  We have a brilliant support team and if you lag behind they will take over leading for you and the slower ones.  We always re-group at regular coffee stops along the way.  You will be taken care of but slow riding can be as dangerous as overly fast riding so please tell us about your riding style when you contact us. 

Can I break off on my own?

There has never be any reason in our history why anyone would want to break off on their own.  We would not recommend it without one of our support crew staying with you due to local conditions and finding your way to where we are staying.

What If the bike breaks down?

 The nature of the beast.  Though rare it does happen.  If it does you will take a support riders bike while he repairs it or swaps out the bike. 

Do I need an International Driving Licence?

 It's a grey area in Thailand. The government state that certain nationalities need an IDP to drive or ride in Thailand however the police have taken that as EVERYONE needs one.  Rather than arguing on the roadside we suggest you get one.  It's painless and simple to get from your own country plus your travel insurance maybe null and void if you make a claim without one.  Check your driver licencing center or post office.

Are the police trouble?

 We certainly hope you will not need to use their 'services' but most are actually pretty good, nothing to worry about unless you are not wearing a helmet, have no motorcycle licence or seriously breaking the law. 

I need a Motorcycle licence?

For sure you do.  You must hold a valid motrcycle licence from the same country as the passport you entered Thailand with unless you are a local ex-pat with a Thai licence.  To join our tours you must have held your licence for at least 5 years and regularly ride motorcycles.  Please do not apply for one of our motorcycle tours unless you can handle a bike with ease or talk to us before you make a reservation. 

For any other questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us