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Established in September 1999 from our small mountain lodge on the Burma border near Mae Hong Son and from here we ran all our motorbike tours.  Due to the condition of the roads in those days we initially offered dual terrain and enduro motorbike tours but as things improved we expanded our business to include on road motorcycle tours in 2005 when our website went live.
As our main business was then our guest house the motorcycle tours was a business of passion rather than a business concept however as time progressed and word spread it is now a full time operation with still the same amount of passion.
Our philosophy with our enduro tours operating adventurous motorcycle tours in remote locations experiencing un-spoilt Thailand stays with us through our on road tours and where we stand apart with the tours we offer.

Where We Differ

Northern Thailand is the capital of motorcycle touring in South East Asia offering exceptional roads even higher in some cases to european standards however, it's also a relatively new region outside of Chiang Mai for tourism.  We've seen many motorbike tour companies fail by offering European style tours in Thailand with a high end "Luxury" tag.  Of course, this is possible to some extent however, it will alter the routes needed to get international standard hotels and that is the main problem...  

We won't compromise fantastic riding for uninvolving concrete hotels when there are so many better options on far better routes. Our motorcycle tours operate away from tourist areas meaning away from busier roads and traffic, something all riders look for.  Many tourists who have never been to Northern Thailand come with the impression that staying in rural locations away from tourists spots can be dangerous and accommodation becomes very basic and this is simply not the case...

Where You Will Stay Each Night

We are proud to say we benefit the local Thai community by not staying in internationally owned hotels using locally owned resorts and guest houses instead, all uniquely northern Thai style.  Over the years we now class the owners of these resorts friends rather than business acquantances meaninga vey warm when our groups visit.

During your trip you will stay in safe, quality locally owned places and be surprised at the attentive nature of our hosts,  many of our customers have said that accommodation was one of the highlights of the trip.  Each tour has been carefully planned to account for fantastic riding with good accommodation and when you least expect it we offer you lavish accommodation fit for a king -  After all we all expect a little pampering on a long motorcycle tour now and then.

Our Support Team
A father and son team, absolute legends in the business!  Part of the conception our original motorbike tours in the late 1990's Paeng helped us create our enduro tour routes and with his vast knowledge and incredible contacts list we were able to source routes not available on any maps with the assistance of the Royal Thai army. 

17 years ago Paeng took over support operations but rather than employing him directly he set up his own company to work exclusively for us as a sort of sub contractor,  this way he could be a part of the operation rather than an employee and able to put his full focus on Motorbike Thailand and our custmers.

In 2017 Paengs son 'Nodt' joined the company,  an incredible rider we've know since 5 years old. Nodt is a competition motoX and Super cross champion and has been competing since 6 years old, there's absolutely nothing Nodt can't ride like a superstar. Both father and son compliment each other perfectly and when touring with us you will notice the special relationship between all the mangement.

We at Motorbike Thailand will be delighted to host your next motorcycle tour in South East Asia.  Please contact us below for more information.

A Selection Of Our Most Popular Motorcycle Tours

All our 12 motorcycle tours can be tailored to suit or we can design a bespoke tour for you.
scooter and side car on pai memorial bridge thailand
The Pai Loop$580 USD
2 Days
Wild West Thailand$1990 USD
8 Day package
2 motorcycles riding a bend in thailand
Doi Phu Kha Loop$890 USD
4 Days
Border Circuit$2985 USD
12 Day Package
Doi Inthanon temples thailand at night
Mae Sariang Loop$780 USD
3  Days
Laos Overland$4890 USD
13 Day Package

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