Group Sizes On Our Adventure Motorcycle Tours

Small Groups - Experienced Riders - Priced Right! Adventure Motorcycle Tours with groups of no more than 8 riders plus our support team GUARANTEED!

The only time we will accept bigger groups are for private tours not open for others to join and with riders who all know each other and ride regularly together.

Individual Bookings

We are a busy well established company so can accept bookings from individuals on dates that may not have other riders pre booked as we can normally get others to join you.  This means:  Although we would prefer you to join a group you can reserve any available dates on your own without being charged a supplement and your date will be guaranteed once we have accepted your reservation.

Group Booking Rates

To get our group booking rates we ask that you nominate one person from your group to act as "Tour Head Poncho" who will deal with us throughout the booking process.  That person will get the special rates below off their tour price.


Small Print

Group discounts cannot be used with any other promotion or on bespoke tours. Group rate is deducted from the published tour price excluding any supplements or add ons.

3 Riders5%

Total Group Size of 3 riders  

4-5 Riders10%

Group of 4-5 riders in total.  

6-8 Riders15%

Group of 6-8 riders in total.  

9-10 Riders25%

Group of 7 - 9 riders in total.  

10 Riders +30%

More than 9 Riders.  

Adventure Motorcycle Tours Thailand

mae hong son loop
  • Party Time - 2 Days

mae hong son loop
  • Incredible Route - 6 Days

mae hong son loop
  • Cultural Experience - 2 Days

mae hong son loop
  • Unique Experience - 3 Days

enduro rider riding dirt bike through water
  • Popular - 8 days

adventure motorcycle rider in forest
  • Best Of Both Worlds

mae hong son loop
  • The Riders Ride - 4 Days

enduro dirt bike rider riding motorbike through a river
  • 10 Day Adventure

beach and palm tre
  • Go Wild - It's Your Adventure

Dirt Bike Tours

Enduro Rider In Deep Forest
  • How Dirt Biking Should Be

Bridge In Laos
  • Leran Dirt Biking

Bridge In Laos
  • Our Most Popular Enduro

Dirt Bike Going Through muddy water
  • A Benchmark Dirt Bike Holiday